I’m proud to announce the release and availability of VBReFormer Professional 5.4 (for licensed users).

The updated version of VBReFormer can be downloaded from your client account!

What’s new in VBReFormer Professional 5.4 ?

1. The analysis engine for disassembling and decompiling has been modified to recover language structure information (in order to decompile If/End If/Do/Loop/While blocks).

Then VBReFormer is now able to decompile simple conditions block like If/End If and Do/Loop/While conditions block.

2. The event name from controls is now back and shown on the code.

3. Conditions with Variant type and floating points type (Single and Double) is now supported because we included lot of news Visual Basic Virtual Machine functions:


4. An important bugfix has been applied. The problem was that VBReFormer sometime crashed on loading application on Windows XP, and was not showing every code from Visual Basic objects (vb6.old library was not properly setup).

5. New preference setting: You can now choose if you want to show only assembly code, only Visual Basic code, or the both.