Hi there, I’m Sylvain Bruyere, and welcome to my blog.

For those who don’t know who I am, in two words: I’m the author of VBReFormer, freelance developer focused on Microsoft development technologies in which I have a fair amount of experience, but that isn’t the whole story. I also have experience in security research, and a wide range of experience in reverse engineering.

Therefore, I have been partner of Microsoft for a while when I was student (Microsoft Most Valuable Student, then Microsoft Student Partner).

This new blog will allow me to express myself with the utmost freedom.

Decompilers, disassemblers, reverse engineering, security, C#, Visual Basic, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Linq are as many topics that come to mind and which will soon be the subject of tickets here.

So bookmark this page and come back to read and comment on posts there!

C-u soon !